Schraner Prozesse



Raw bars cutting is realized by a shear machine or a high quality automatic band saw.


Sandblasting is one of the most important step of the process.

After almost every manufacturing stage, parts are cleaned. Then, we can ensure the parts high quality and cleanliness for the next step.



Die-forging is realized by 2 hydraulic forging hammers and 2 free falling SCHRANER hammers. Forging hammer is to this day the best technological and economical solution used in the forging industry.

The maximum deformation effort is achieved at the lowest cost. Due to deformation characteristics, a double-acting hydraulic hammer enables a large scope of applications.

Specific characteristics:

  • Hammer with a single-piece structure in high alloy steel cast iron
  • High precision and repeatability of crash energy
  • High rate repetition
  • Use of hardened steel for direct amortization


When deburring, the use of high quality presses made of compact steel ensures to meet parts precision requirements.


Cold calibration

During parts manufacturing, parts tolerances required are often very high. Cold calibration is the last stage of the manufacturing process.

Depending on the size and shape of the forged part, we can achieve a +/- 0,05 mm tolerance.

Cold calibration

Heat treatment

By using electric furnaces in the heat treatment process of forged parts, plastic and mechanical qualities required for optimization of parts structure are achieved. They are equiped with an automatic regulated temperature system and save temperature data to ensure parts traceability.

We also work closely with external heat treatment partners for some parts finishing.

Heat treatment


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