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Die-forging SCHRANER technology comes from a great know-how and offers many benefits:

  • Very high dimensional accuracy
  • Pressure resistance and sealing
  • Raw material savings
  • Accurate deformation requiring almost no finishing after forging
  • High quality, good quality/price ratio
  • High mechanical strengh due to optimal fiber structure

We forge all sort of metals: stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze and titanium. Most of our parts are ready-to-use after die-forging due to our capacity to work within high tolerances from EN 10243 quality standard.

Die-forging is different from free forging mainly because parts are fully enclosed in the tool, the dies. Milling operated in the dies determines the final shape of the forged part. Forged parts are above all safety parts: crankshaft, connecting rode, gear, steering parts, transmission parts, wearing parts are manufactured by die-forging. Forging process directs the material fiber structure, reducing breakage risk and improving parts safety.

In the industrial forging, the raw bar is heated by induction until deformation temperature required is achieved. If the part has a complex design with a non-uniform mass repartition, the part is preformed by die-forging in a pre-engraved die to have a mass repartition closed to the final version. The final shape is then forged by die-forging in the engraving. High speed and pressure of the hammer enable to achieve a precise and final mass repartition of the part at forging temperature.

The hot deburring process follows directly die-forging. During deburring, the excess of residual material around the part is removed. The part is pressed with a punch and a cut plate. When cutting, the punch removes the residual material of the part.

During cold deburring, parts are cooled down and then the same steps as hot deburring occur. This process is mostly used for detailed and small parts. Cold calibration ensures tolerance requirements in the entire part and levels differencies induced by temperature.

Heat treatment at the end of the process is also done by our team.

Surface treatment is the responsibility of our external partners.

Technology used by Schraner Metals is the result of know-how and research developed since 1887. We use advanced technological evolutions in metal alloys to produce parts with the higher quality standards and ensuring a safe use, essential in lots of industries.


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